Mixing & Mastering:

We provide mixing and mastering services through our resident engineer Will Marshall. We’re equipped for a variety of styles, from polished pop and electronic music through to vibey analog indie rock.

We love hosting attended sessions; working with you in person helps us understand your artistic vision and get much better results.

Production & Recording:

We provide production and recording services on-site. We’re especially well-equipped for professional vocal tracking, and can handle smaller-scale recording in-house. Services include:

  • Vocal tracking
  • Instrument tracking
  • Electronic production
  • Arrangement & orchestration
  • Sound design
  • Composition for ad & film

Production is handled on a case-by-case basis. Our staff members have diverse backgrounds ranging from R&B to avant-garde rock, so check them out and see if anyone feels like a fit for your project.

Audio Consulting:

We provide consultation on most aspects of music, including:

  • Home studio design: building a professional-quality home studio
  • Venue & studio acoustics: designing spaces for great sound
  • Equipment recommendations: professional advice for hardware and software purchases



  • Standard mixing: $350/song
  • Attended sessions: $450/song

Discounts available for larger projects. One mix revision free


Standard Mastering Rates:

  • Standard mastering: $50/song
  • Alternate mix: $20/song
  • Interludes and short songs: $25/song
  • Additional revisions: $25/song

Internet and Streaming Formats:

  • MP3: $10/project
  • Soundcloud: $5/project

Mastering includes:

  • ISRC codes
  • DDP file for CD duplication
  • 1 free master revision

Bulk discounts available

Production & Recording:

  • All services: $65/hour

Audio Consulting:

  • All services: $80/hour